Release Notes for Dr.Web for Linux 11.1

Last updated on 2/27/2019.


Features and Changes

Installation and Upgrade Notes

Additional Information


The product is created to protect computers operating under GNU/Linux-family OSes against viruses and other malware targeting different platforms. Dr.Web for Linux protects user workstations under GNU/Linux against viruses and spam email messages.


Features and Changes

This section contains a list of features and other changes that released in the new version.

New Features

Operating on Astra Linux SE OS with accounts using different mandatory levels (SpIDer Guard should be operating in FANOTIFY mode);

Scanning engine for amd64 platform;

Removed dependency of packages for amd64 platform on 32-bit libc library;

Anti-virus engine is moved to separated package drweb-engine;

Dr.Web ConfigD and Dr.Web Ctl components are distributed in separated packages;

Full version of manuals for all Dr.Web for UNIX products is distributed with installed product;

Support of the following web resource categories is added: online games, anonymizers, cryptocurrency mining pools.

Upgraded Used Libraries

OpenSSL (to 1.0.2h);

libzypp, zypper, boost (to 1.68), protobuf (to 3.4.0).

Improved the Installation Program Operation

Improved the method of detection and automatically removing during installation of the installed Dr.Web products;

ELF executables are signing for Astra Linux SE OS.

Improved Operation with Threats and Quarantine

Information about detected threats is saved when the product is restarted;

Threat registry stores PID of the component detected the threat;

Improved the caching information on file scanning;

Repaired processing of file renaming during threat curing;

Statistics on detected threats is sent to Dr.Web Cloud;

Dr.Web Cloud service is used to check files;

Dr.Web Clamd component supports ALLMATCHSCAN command of ClamAV protocol;

Restricted the maximum number of tries to cure one file by anti-virus engine;

The SpIDer Guard component supports blocking access to files until they are not scanned;

The SpIDer Guard component supports wildcards in list of files and directories to be excluded from monitoring.

Improved drweb-ctl Command Line Utility Operation

Setting up the formatted output of threat list is supported for quarantine and threats commands;

The option --Exclude is added for scan and remotescan commands in order to specify list of files excluded from scan (paths with wildcard are allowed);

The option --Directory is added for threats command in order to filter list of detected threats on path to original file;

The remotescan command supports Telnet protocol;

Feature to specify relative path for restoring file from quarantine is added;

Feature to out scan command results in JSON format is added;

Feature to scan stdin stream by the netcheck command is added;

The log command is added in order to show last records of product's log;

Feature to get list of installed virus databases by baseinfo command is added;

The proxyscan command is removed.

Improved the Updates Receiving Procedure

Configuration parameters that store paths to files of update servers list (DRL) are changed;

Dr.Web Updater component operates in daemon mode;

New procedure of update virus databases from update servers is supported.

Improved the Interaction with Central Protection Server

Exchange with the server universal settings of components in the INI format is supported;

X.509 certificate instead of public key is used during connection with the server;

Transmit to the server SHA-1 and SHA-256 fingerprints of infected file for each detected threat;

Tool for reading server messages about anti-virus network status is added to management GUI.

Other Changes

Improved detection of OS distributive where the product is installed;

Realized sending information on used OS to Dr.Web Cloud;

TLS 1.0 and 1.1 are not longer used.


Installation and Upgrade Notes

The product can be installed from the official Dr.Web repository at or from universal installation package downloaded at

Installation of the product will not change or invalidate your installed key file of installed previous version of a Dr.Web product.  Settings of the upgraded Dr.Web product will be automatically converted, if it is necessary to support new features.


Additional Information

Technical Support

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Read the frequently asked questions at

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Fill in the web form in the corresponding section at

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