Release Notes for Dr.Web Security Space for Android 11.1.2

Last updated on 5/18/2017

Dr.Web Security Space for Android (hereinafter – Dr.Web) protects mobile devices running Android™ as well as TV sets, media players and game consoles working under Android TV™ platform from malware designed for Android devices.

The application features technologies of Doctor Web implemented to detect and neutralize malicious objects that may harm your device and steal your personal data.

Dr.Web uses the Origins Tracing™ for Android technology that detects new families of viruses using the information on malware from existing databases. Origins Tracing for Android can identify recompiled viruses, e.g. Android.SmsSend, Spy, as well as applications infected by Android.ADRD, Android.Geinimi, Android.DreamExploid. Names of threats detected by Origins Tracing for Android are marked with the postfix "origin": Android.VirusName.origin.

Dr.Web performs the following functions:

Scans files you download and applications you install in real time.

Scans the entire file system or selected files upon your request.

Scans archives.

Scans files on SD cards (or another removable media).

Detects threats in *.lnk files (defined by Dr.Web as Exploit.Cpllnk).

Quarantines infected objects or completely removes them from your device.

Unlocks your device if it is locked by ransomware.

Filters calls and SMS messages using the predefined and custom black and white lists.

Updates Dr.Web virus databases via the Internet.

Gathers statistics on detected threats and performed actions; keeps the application log.

Detects device location or locks its functions in case it has been lost or stolen.

Restricts access to specific categories of websites in an embedded Android browser and Google Chrome, Boat Browser, Boat Browser Mini, Yandex.Browser, Opera, Firefox, Adblock Browser, Dolphin Browser and Sputnik.

Scans and shortens URLs.

Analyzes device security and helps eliminate detected problems and vulnerabilities.

Controls Internet connections to protect your device from unauthorized access, and prevents leakage of personal data through networks.


Some of the listed functions are not available for the application installed on Android TV devices.

Resolved Issues and Improvements

Fixed operation of URL filter in Yandex.Browser on devices running Android of versions lower that 5.x.

Fixed application crush that occurred of some devices.

Small interface updates have been made.


System Requirements

Make sure your device meets the requirements and recommendations listed below:

Android of version 4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4/5.0/5.1/6.0/7.0/7.1.

Dr.Web operates on TV sets, media players and game consoles based on Android TV platform.

Call and SMS filter and Dr.Web Anti-theft do not operate on devices that have no SIM card slot. Make sure your device supports SIM cards.

Internet connection is required to update virus databases.

URL filter operates in an Android embedded browser and in Google Chrome, Boat Browser, Boat Browser Mini, Yandex.Browser, Opera, Firefox, Adblock Browser, Dolphin Browser and Sputnik.

URL filter requires access to your browser history on devices running Android 5.1 or lower. Make sure to enable this option in your browser.


Please note that correct operation of Dr.Web is not guaranteed on the devices with custom ROMs and on "rooted" devices. Technical support is not also provided for such devices.


By default, the application is installed to the internal device memory. For correct operation of Dr.Web, especially Dr.Web Anti-theft, do not transfer the installed application to a removable media.

Installing Dr.Web Security Space for Android 11.1.2

Installing the Application from Google Play

Before installing the application from Google Play, make sure that:

You have a Google account

You have logged in your Google account from your device

Your device is connected to the Internet

Your device meets basic system requirements


If your device does not meet the system requirements, Dr.Web will not be displayed in the list of applications in Google Play.

To install the application:

1.On your device, open Google Play, find Dr.Web in the list of applications and tap Install or Purchase (if you want to install Dr.Web Security Space Life version with an unlimited license).

2.If you have selected Dr.Web Security Space Life with an unlimited license, you will be prompted complete the purchase.

3.On the next screen, you will be prompted to provide access to necessary features and data on your device.

Make yourself familiar with the list of required permissions and tap Accept.

Tap Open to start using the application.

Installing the Application from the Website

To install the application not from Google Play, you need to allow the device to install applications from unknown sources. To do so, select the Unknown sources check box in the device Settings Settings_30027 -> Security screen.

The installation file of Dr.Web is available for downloading on the Doctor Web website at

1.Copy the installation file to the device.

2.Use a file manager to find and launch the installation file.

3.Tap Install.

4.Tap Open to start working with the application.

Tap Finish to close the installation window and return to the application later.

Installing the application by synchronizing the device with computer (e.g., HTC Sync™ etc.)

1.Synchronize your device with your computer.

2.Launch the installation manager included into the synchronization software package.

3.Specify the path to the file located on the computer, then follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

4.The application will be copied to the device where you can review the information on it and confirm the installation.

5.Close the installation wizard.

To continue working with the application, you need to activate a paid or a demo license (except Dr.Web Security Space Life).

Additional Information

If you encounter any issues installing or using company products, before requesting for the assistance of the technical support, take advantage of the following options:

Download and review the latest manuals and guides at

Read the frequently asked questions at

Browse the Dr.Web official forum at

If you have not found solution for the problem, you can request direct assistance from Doctor Web technical support in one of the following ways:

Fill in the web form in the corresponding section at

Call by phone in Moscow: +7 (495) 789-45-86.

Refer to the official website at for regional and international office information of Doctor Web company.

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